Schematic Diagram VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifier circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

A very simple low cost and ultra compact VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifiers circuit can be designed using the MAX2664 and MAX2665 ultra-compact LNAs for VHF/UHF applications. These devices incorporate a broadband LNA with an integrated bypass switch. The MAX2664 covers the UHF frequency range from 470MHz to 860MHz, and the MAX2665 covers the VHF frequen

Schematic Diagram VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifier circuit
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cy range from 75MHz to 230MHz. Each device has a zero-power bypass mode for improved high-signal-level handling conditions. As you can see in the presented circuit diagram, this RF project requires very few external components. Both ICs has a high gain around 15dB and require a single power supply, that can provide an output voltage between 2. 4 to 3. 5 volts. VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifiers has a very low current consumption of 3. 3 mA and can be used in applications like: Smartphones/Handsets, MP3 Players, Home Audio/Video and other portable navigation devices.

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