Simple FM Transmitter circuit schematic Long range short range using VMR6512 Hi-Fi Audio FM transmitter module

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This article gives the FM transmitter circuit schematics with necessary explanation. The main component used here is the VMR6512 IC which is a highly integrated FM audio signal (Hi-Fi Audio FM) transmitter chip. You can use this as FM radio transmitter for different applications such as FM transmitter for car, digital FM transmitter, Hi-Fi wireles

Simple FM Transmitter circuit schematic Long range short range using VMR6512 Hi-Fi Audio FM transmitter module
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s headphone, Conference Broadcasting System, accessories of audio-visual entertainment equipment and radio station in campus. This wireless audio transmitter chip integrates superior digital signal processor (DSP), matching network, frequency synthesizer and RF power amplifier. So it can grasp FM audio modulation without any external components. You need a pre amplifier section in order to transmit our voice directly as FM. Refer my condenser mic pre amplifier circuit. Related article: Most simple FM transmitter circuit diagram Reset pin set to high PWL will reset the controller, DSP and frequency synthesizer. After reset, the communication frequency will be100. 0MHz and the power will be 115dBuV. The system begins working 160ms once the Reset signal becomes lower. Analog audio input Rin, Lin Rin and Lin is the analog audio input pin of VMR6512 module. There is a capacitor in the pin. So the other exterior components are not needed. Audio input impedance is approximately 56 k ©. Digital audio input interface consists of SCLK, DIN and FS. It can be set to I2S, DSP and Left Justified three different formats through commanding and connected without a glitch with almost all the DSP. UP and DOWN pins are used to modify the operating frequency exclusive of the external controller. Each low PWL impulse larger than 0. 05 seconds of UP / DOWN pin will make output RF power raise or decrease 0. 1MHz. If you stay low PWL, then the...

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