Simple Schematic for VCA mixer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

How a cutt of a fader is differnet form a transform What does skratch tricks have to do with the fader function The cut on a fader is completely different from a transform. It isn`t an instant on/off but a sloped cut in perhaps anywhere from a few hundred microseconds to tens of milliseconds depending on several factors such as how fast you move the fader, how sharp

Simple Schematic for VCA mixer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

the slope is set, and the quality and wear of the crossfader. If you do a direct transform-like cut-in you will have an unnatural and unpleasant popping sound. I haven`t tested the circuit but would say that there`s a tradeoff between reaction speed and smoothness. The slower the reaction speed the more the pop gets smoothed out. Really slow speeds can make even the crappiest faders sound like mint faders but then of course then the VCA becomes unresponsive, making it unusable for scratch mixing. BTW, the AEM-100/AEM-100i uses a more complex control circuit which I`ve intentionally avoided for the purposes of keeping this discussion on the level of what any hobbyist can build. I had a fader hooked up with a normally open magnetic reed relay, fed with a +5v, which could switch way faster than you could ever need, only it made an audiable pop everytime it switched. Actually that was the main reason I posted the simpler schematic. It`s insane to use relays on an audio signal circuit because they`ll generate all sorts of crazy electromagnetic signals which you`ll hear in the output. To do a full finished and refined manufactured product requires skilled PC board layout, metal manufacturing, circuit design, and sometimes "firmware" (basically writing a software program to do mixer controls). That`s not to mention capital, sales, marketing, etc. etc. I`ve already suggested all I can for the DIY hobbyists. It`s better at this...

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