Stereo Digital Camera Power-up Pulse Generator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Powering up my twin digital Sony DSC-V1 cameras at exactly the same time frequently synchronizes the cameras to a remarkable degree, within milliseconds. The cameras are powered up by twinned Sony wired remotes by shorting the ACC port LANC signal conductor with the ACC port ground. With experimentation, I find further that the synchronization can be refined to within microseconds

Stereo Digital Camera Power-up Pulse Generator
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

if the switch on-time (ACC port signal to ground short time) is reduced to a minimum, to the point where one of the cameras occassionally does not turn on. In addition, the cameras either power up in sync, or one camera does not power up, possibly relieving one of having to even check the sync. From the reports of others wiring camera power switches together, I suspect that wiring up the power switch on each digital camera with this device would also provide a remarkable degree of synchronization, though I do not have a set of cameras to test. To test this possibility, I modified a standard LM555 timer "one-shot" circuit slightly to trigger on the down stroke of the trigger button, and to provide an adjustable pulse length centered around 80 msec. I built the circuit on a solderless breadboard, used a Sync Shepherd to show the degree of camera sync, and used a (poor man`s) oscilliscope to measure the pulse length produced by this power sync circuit. The optoisolator provides complete separation of this device from the cameras, and of the cameras from each other. Here are diagrams of the schematic, and a printed circuit board pattern: Attach power to the board in the right lower corner. The circuit runs at 5V, but the regulator needs at only 5. 3 volts to regulate at 5v, so you can use a 6 volt or greater battery. I used a regular 9V battery for testing, but a smaller 6V camera battery, or an even smaller 12V garage door...

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