The Hoser Paper

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A robot named `Wet Dream` was constructed whose purpose was to roam around, avoid collisions, locate people, and squirt people with an onboard motorized water gun. The robot was built to maneuver in an unstructured environment and be able to react purposefully in most situations encountered. `Wet Dream` utilized a toy robot arm sold by Radio Shack

The Hoser Paper
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called the "Mobile Armatron. " The Mobile Armatron consisted of a toy robot arm mounted on a mobile base controlled manually via a wired remote. The base enabled the Armatron to move forward, backward, turn right, and turn left. Drive was provided by two motors arranged for tank-style steering. Turning right and left was accomplished by driving only one of the wheels and letting the other skid. The original toy also had a third wheel, a passive castor to provide support. A fourth wheel, another passive castor, had to be added to support the weight of the modified toy. Because of the weight of the modifications, the toy could not move around on carpeting, but still moved well on tiled floor. In addition to being able to move, the robot had an arm with a "shoulder, " an "elbow, " and a "wrist. " The shoulder was motorized and could raise and lower the arm. The "elbow" was not active but could be set in a number of positions manually. The "wrist" could also be lowered and raised via motor control. The wrist could also be rotated and a simple pincer at the end of the wrist could be opened and closed. Crude position feedback was provided by limit switches at the bottom and top of the arm`s shoulder and wrist travel. Also, a reed switch from an alarm was mounted on the robot`s body so that a middle "aiming" position for the arm could be sensed. The limit switches were set up so that they could be read by the onboard computer and...

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