The simple solar energy of adaptation supplies power the control device of the street lamp designs and realizes

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Have already gone through 3 stages till a few days ago in the developing of street lamp control device of solar energy: First generation function simple and crude, turn on or off light, control, need, connect light sensitive in conformity with device, regular time can`t be set up, without protective circuit of the battery, the lifetime of system is very transient, eliminated by the market soon: Second generation

The simple solar energy of adaptation supplies power the control device of the street lamp designs and realizes
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on the the 1st generation of basis, set up the intersection of battery and protective circuit, collect photosensitive data through the intersection of solar energy and the intersection of street lamp and the intersection of storage battery and assembly, set up timing through the switch or procedure, there is development of the step type technically, accepted by the market gradually: Third generation street lamp control device lies in most trade companies have adopted PWM to charge control function, carry on trickle charge to the storage battery, has lengthened the battery life-span effectively, has reduced the use cost, thus further expand the market share. A good control device can remedy even solve a great deal of problems of the pure solar energy street lamp, improve it to breathe out depending on. The street lamp needs to develop the fourth generation of control device to adapt to the solar energy and supply power in vain, its characteristic has such power regulation effects as meeting the light in vain, it is indispensable that detection of electric quantity and soakage are calculated: Have a function of network connection at the same time, so can keep the street lamp in the whole street unanimous in luminance, and can carry on the communication. Various modern control theories a few days ago, for instance white adaptive control, applying from advanced control theories such as learning control, fuzzy logic control,...

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