Types of feedback oscillators

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This article explains the construction and working of feedback oscillators with detailed description of Wien`s bridge oscillator and phase shift oscillator along with their circuit diagram, basic components and practical application Oscillators are those electronic devices that produce a sinusoidal wave form at their output upon application of dc

Types of feedback oscillators
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voltage at their input terminals. Although other types of wave forms can also be obtained from them but the basis wave form that they produce is sinusoidal. There can be different types of oscillators like feedback oscillator and negative feedback oscillator. Here we will be see how we can classify feedback oscillator along with their working principle. These are the oscillators that involve resistor and capacitor in their circuitry for the purpose of required feedback to the amplifier. These categories can further be classified in to two types that are given as: It is so important type of feedback circuit that it provides a standard as the variable frequency testing circuit in audio frequency range. The operation of this circuit is very simple. Also it is less complex than LC oscillators. It is actually an audio oscillator that is used in the frequency range of audible range generally generated through speakers. And it is seldom used in testing of those electronic circuits that operate upon audio frequencies. Usually a sinusoidal wave form is generated by this type of oscillator that occurs to be variable both in frequency and amplitude so that it may be adjusted according to the concerned application. Other than sinusoidal waveform some other wave forms can also be generated with help of them like square wave but it utilizes the same principle for that purpose too. The amplitude generated by them is generally in the range...

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