Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This project is an instance of the UsbProg project created by Benedikt Sauter. Bene released the schematics, board layout and firmware as an open-source project. I took that project and made these modifications: Or, optionally, place a jumper across JP3 pins 2 and 3 so that LED1 is controlled by PD7. This frees up PA4 so that all 8 pins of PORTA c

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an be used. PORTA is available via CONN3. When the jumper is in this position, the UsbProg-SHARP board is no longer compatible with stock UsbProg firmware and requires a special version of the firmware that has yet to be created. The board works when connected to a Win32 PC and with an update to the firmware, enumerates on a Macintosh as well! However, there is still no Mac OS X driver; work shall begin on that soon. 2007/08/12: Benedikt emailed me a new firmware binary for avrispmk2klon this morning that allows the UsbProg-SHARP to enumerate on a Mac! By the end of the day, Bene had put the new code in the subversion SCM. 2007/07/29: The board communication problems were due to 3 ATmega32 pins not making contact with their pads. Reflowing those pins solved the issue. The board is functional. Fuses were set so the ATmega32 will use the clock from the USBN9604. 2007/07/28: Etched and populated the board rev 2007/07/26. Attempted to flash the ATmega32 via ISP, but niether AvrDude nor AVR Studio could communicate with the board. An effort is underway to debug the communication problem. 2007/07/22: Changed the footprint of the two 2x5 Headers to be through-hole. Arty felt that the surface mount headers might peel-off when subjected to the forces on a ribbon cable. I created the board layout from scratch. I did this because my goal is to make a layout that can be etched using home-brew techniques. This means I have put as many...

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