Vacuum Tube Amplifier Pioneer SM-83 Restoration

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

After restoring my Fisher 400, I could not let my smart head and creative hands rest. So I have started to look for another tube gear to apply my newly acquired skills. There was plenty of stuff around, but importing from USA to European Union is quite prohibitive - around $200 - $250 only for shipment plus domestic VAT and customs. I am was very

Vacuum Tube Amplifier Pioneer SM-83 Restoration
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eager to buy Sansui 1000a or Luxman, but none of them appeared in Europe for reasonable price level. So after all, I took a look at Pioneer SM-83 integrated tube amplifier, which time to time appear on eBay. I found a nice web site called "Fonar" in Poland which have quite detailed photos of internals, and I am was somewhat obsessed. Pioneer tube amp doesn`t have something I hate in other vintage devices - namely large can caps (or anything else) soldered or riveted straight to the chassis (its a hell work to remove them). Finally I have managed to buy one from France for 300 EURO. Additionally, I have occasionally met nice Finish radio junkie Jouko Kuisma which have bought the same amp in Germany. Of course, I have followed my own golden rules purchasing this Pioneer. However, it was not saved me from some unpleasant caveats. This kind of walkthrough is absolutely useless without high-resolution, detailed photos, and that represent a problem. Web pages with plenty of large graphics are slow to load, render and scroll. So I am posting medium-resolution photos straight on the page, with links to download larger (around 2500x1200) ones (for example, you can download photo above in full details). I am was thinking about slide-show on the 2nd linked page, or splitting article in 5+ separate pages, but this will be to cumbersome to navigate. Additionally, I have posted photo gallery with night shots of glowing tubes here. I...

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