Voltage Regulator Using Zener Diode Circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Zener diode regulator is a basic electronic circuit which is very useful for those interested in hobby circuits. This circuit is used for obtaining a regulated voltageat the output which can be used for biasing other circuit elements. Now how to use zener diode as voltage regulator When zener is in reverse breakdown region, the zener voltage remai

Voltage Regulator Using Zener Diode Circuit
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ns almost constant irrespective of the current through it. The major benefit of using zener diode as a voltage regulator is that it helps us to avoid the bulky&costly DC source to a great extend. Now lets see how to make a ZENER VOLTAGE REGULATOR. The circuit only contains a zener diode and passive electronic element- resistor. Active source is provided for power supply to the circuit. Zener voltage regulator is also known as Zener voltage limiter due to its voltage regulation property irrespective of the current through the zener diode. If input voltage decreases, IL remains the same. Iz &Is decreases. If Iz falls lower than minimum zener current required to keep the Zener in breakdown region, the regulation will stop and voltage at output will decrease.

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