atmega 32a programming

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A cellphone operated robot and i`m stuck with Atmega32A microcontroller programming. As software you can use then AVR STUDIO 4. Unter the Tools you can find the Menu `Programm theAVR` Chose there your used Programmer and you can setup and Programm your controller. the loading firmware is free. the chip ATMEGA8L is sold below 100/- usb socket and pcb and few components including crystal should not

atmega 32a programming
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

cost you more than say Rs100. Yes, you have to make a PCB of course. Its landing cost works to around 25 Euros and as per our currency it should amount IN Rs25*70=Rs1750/- but if he can spend Rs250, he can make a decent USB based Programmer sitting at home. the whole issue, as I understand, it is of one time job for him to lad after which he might never need it. Perhaps the best for him is too use a facility at his college or University. get it done and forget.

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