control solid state relays up to 50

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This project is developed to control up to 50 solid state relays individually. The project is good learning material for students who which to expand the input output lines of microcontroller and want to control many devices. 2. The ON or OFF status of each external hardware device is currently shown with the help of LED, which will be replace wit

control solid state relays up to 50
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

h optical isolator to interface the relays or other high load device. n_ _ or N_ _ i. e. here n or N stands for "ON" and at blank spaces put the number 01 to 50. so we can say that to turn on the led number 5, command will be n05 or N05. circuit diagram of 8051 interfacing with relay coils, relay switch atmel microcontroller, scrolling dot matrix led display using 8051, circuit diagram for line tracer using micro controller 8051, microcontroler comanda motor cc. schematic diagram sms relay control board usig gsm technology and microcontrolle 16f877 10 valvulas solenoides how to use moc3010

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