convert square wave inverters to sine wave inverter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

There`s pretty easy to make squarewave inverters` circuits in the internet. But to run most load like fan, TV, etc you need to have a sinewave inverter. Making sinewave or near-sinewave inverter is more complex and costly. But we can also convert squarewave inverters to sinewave inverters. A LRC resonant circuit is needed for this. The values dete

convert square wave inverters to sine wave inverter
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rmine the output frequency and waveform. Don`t post your email or phone number in the comment box. Only put email address in the email field. Comments are moderated so it may take time for them to appear on the site. Offensive comments will be deleted. If this is a request for custom circuit, then use the wish a circuit form. I am from Bangalore have a 15 yrs old 500 VA trimmed square wave inverter in still working condition. But I can`t use it now as it can damage new generation appliances may be due to the frequency problem that doesn`t match. I`m designing a frequency doubler using PLL LM565. The output of the PLL is a square wave ranging at high frequency (MHz). How can I convert this square wave into sine wave With this cct you have, it doesn`t seem to work well in high frequency. Hi Arup, I have a 350w (500w peak) 230v Inverter. Would this mod work for my unit To do the modifications should I just double the current rating for all the components your site is very useful to us. i want to generate pwm by comparing triangular wave and sine wave. I have tried to generate triangular wave by using IC 741 & LF347. but i couldn`t get the output. Is there any other IC to generate triangular wave. Please help me

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