how to make 18 led light chaser circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Decorative lights arranged in different moving patterns look very interesting and are surely eye catching and that`s why these types of lighting arrangement have gained immense popularity in today`s world. Though the more complex lighting might need the incorporation of microcontroller ICs, simpler yet very interesting light effects can be generat

how to make 18 led light chaser circuit
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ed through ordinary ICs, which require very few components for the configuration. A light chaser circuit is a configuration which generates a running or chasing light pattern which goes on repeating itself from start to finish, producing a very eye catching and fascinating light pattern. Here we are discussing how to make a simple 18 LED light chaser circuit which can be built by any newcomer in the field albeit the individual has some knowledge of soldering and regarding the commonly used electronic components. The circuit of a light chaser discussed here utilizes the popular Johnson`s decade counter IC 4017 for getting the desired light chasing effect. Another IC 4049 provides the clock signals to the counter ICs. We all have probably seen how the IC 4017 can be configured for creating the light chasing effect using LEDs, however the number of maximum LEDs supported by this IC is not more than ten. In this article we`ll learn how to make an eighteen LED light chaser by cascading two of these ICs. Looking at the figure we see how the two ICs are configured so that the chasing  of the LEDs at its outputs are carried on for 18 LEDs. The diodes included in the circuit especially are responsible for switching the ICs into a cascading action. The diodes make sure the IC outputs are carried forward from one IC to another, so that the chasing  effect is pulled for the entire 18 LEDs in the array.

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