mbed usb breakout

One problem this causes is that the lovely USB port that I have been using to communicate with hyperterminal will no longer be available. So I need an alternative. This lead me to the FT232RL chip. I picked this mainly because it is already in Eagle and stocked by Farnell. After ordering in the IC ( £3. 55) an adapter board (SSOP-28) and a type B USB socket I set about wiring it all up. This allows the FT232RL chip to take power

from the rest of the circuit and not the USB bus. I wired up the circuit from the above diagram and after a bit of work to find out which pin of the USB connector was which I was ready to test. A photo of my rather dodgy wiring is shown below. I then find when I plug the cicuit into the PC and power it up Windows pops up with the "Found new hardware" box. OK I select install drivers from the internet and a few seconds later I have a USB devive. OK time for the acid test, I load up hyperterminal and select COM 6 (the one I guess is my circuit), press the mbed reset buttonand get. Success! First time too. OK time to see what this chip can do. I slowly start increasing the Baud rate, 19, 200 115, 200 and its still working. 460, 800 still OK finally 921, 600 still working!

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