power mosfet circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The schematic is attached, I`d like to have a suggestion if any improvement could be made, in particular I`d need to add a reverse polarity connection protection. I`m not a MOSFET expert, but: from the schematic I take it that the logic level inputs (5 V) are meant to control two output voltages (12V) via P-channel MOSFETs. 1) The P-channel MOSFET

power mosfet circuit
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s are ON (conducting) when the gate-source voltage is negative. This means that the MOSFET will be OFF when the output of the MOSFET driver is high (12 V). See datahseet of the MCP14E3, table 4-1. I don`t know whether you are aware of this and whether this is the intended behaviour. 2) The MOSFET driver circuit is meant for fast switching operation. Do you really need to switch power very fast If you are only going to switch power on and off now and then (meaning at less than e. g. 1 kHz), you can simplify the circuit tremendously:

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