powering circuit using serial port

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Power a rs232-TTL converter circuit using the serial port so i dont have to have an external power supply to do the job. I read somewhere that the DTS, RTS and TD pins are able to do this. As I am already using the TD pin to send out data, is there any other way that i can use the DTS or RTS pin to power my circuit Besides that, I am using VB to send

powering circuit using serial port
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out the signals to the serial port. Does that mean i have to send out a series of Logic 0`s (positive voltage in rs232) in an infinite loop in my coding in order to get a constant high output voltage 1) The 3 tied-together pins activate (go high) when the software is started so somehow those pins are controlled by code and I don`t know how they do that (I`m not a software person). 2) The UART in some PC`s do not drive the RS232 lines with a high enough voltage. The RS232 specification allows an operational voltage down to +/-5V. Through experimentation I found that this regulator circuit requires a minimum input voltage of 6. 2V to regulate properly. My laptop would not output a high enough RS232 voltage to operate the circuitry.

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