pulse counting fm receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This part of my site features construction details of a transistor VHF radio I managed to build using circuits as the building blocks, Compiled from some of my old radio magazines and books. Although this site is titled as a valve radio site I have decided to include transistor radio projects as well and having successfully built a valve version o

pulse counting fm receiver
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

f this type of FM Receiver, I have since been itching to have a go at a transistor version for use in the garden and when I go on holiday. The valve version I constructed which is featured on some of the home page pictures referring to my valve portable Hi Fi System is not strictly my own design, But can be found by clicking on the following link Cool386`s Australian Site of Antiquated Technology an excellent website run by John Hunter who also has some great FM Radio circuits and also an update on his valve version of the pulse counting receiver by clicking on this link. Part of the idea of this design also came from a similar transistor version featured in the August 1967 issue of Practical Wireless. The PW version was slightly behind time. It was featured as a switched version with the Channel positions marked as Light Third and Home, Only just 2 months before the BBC Launched there new network of stations, Starting with Radio 1 available on Medium wave only and Radio`s 2 3 and 4 to replace the exciting three networks. The PW version although very good at the time had several disadvantages. It used the old Germanium OC171 transistors that had a reputation for being unreliable, Compared to the later Field Effect Transistors such as the 2N3819 series that were apparently just available at that time and could have easily been substituted for the RF / Mixer circuits, Despite a few circuit modifications. The idea of switched...

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