sd card logging

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This documentation was compiled as a result of a bee hive temperature monitoring project. Multiple DS18B20 temperature sensors were used to sense the temperature at various locations in the hive. An Arduino with a Nuelectronics sensor shield was used to log the readings to an SD card. The RTC (Real time clock) on the shield was used to add a time

sd card logging
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stamp to the readings. The Nuelectronics real-time datalogging shield is an all-in-one` data-logging solution. However I did not find the software to be all-in-one`. I ended up using a FAT file system library which was not designed for this shield, see software section from further details. Since the Nuelectronics shield uses a different chip select line a wire jumper is required between digital pins 10 and 5. For logged data readings to be useful they require a time stamp. The Nuelectronics shield has a built in RTC (Real-time clock) in the form of a DS1302 timekeeping chip and a coin cell battery backup. Once the clock on the chip has been set the chip will keep the correct time even if the Arduino is reset or looses power. There is an excellent tutorial on SD card logging available on Ladyada`s website here. Although her tutorials are based on her SD logging shield which is slightly different to the Nuelectronics datalog shield. As mentioned earlier a wire jumper is required between digital pins 10 and 5 to make the Nuelectronics shield work with the sdFAT library. Once the library has been installed it`s a good idea to run the SdFATinfo` example which basically performs a SD card self test. This should pickup any potential SD card incompatibility errors. I wanted the sensor data to be saved to the SD card as a. csv file with a new file created each time the Arduino is powered up. Ladyada has a good example which does...

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