ssr breakout boards

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Sparkfun Solid State Relay (SSR) Breakout Board is shown below. An SSR works like a relay but is built using semiconductors for switching. It will run off of mbed`s VU 5V supply and works with any mbed digital output pin. The schematic is shown below for the Sparkfun Solid State Relay board seen above. It uses a S108T02 Sharp SSR module and ca

ssr breakout boards
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n switch 125VAC at 8A (AC only - not DC). Note that it also requires an on-board driver circuit, and the external wire connections are the same as most relay boards. A transistor driver circuit is used to control the SSR module. Any digital out pin can be used to control the SSR (connects to the control input (CTL - JP2-2) of the SSR driver circuit). The SSR module has a TRIAC output with optically isolated control inputs. A high voltage power line shorted to a digital logic circuit on a breadboard can blow up an entire computer system, or cause electrocution if touched. For safety, keep the wires for any high voltage and/or high current devices well away from the breadboard and do not touch them when power is on. Even a momentary wire short can blow things ups. An inline fuse and even a GFI breaker is not a bad idea. Long before a standard household AC circuit breaker trips, electronic parts will blow out with a short. Make sure that the bottom side of the PCB does not short out on any metallic surfaces. Breadboard contacts and small jumper wires only handle about one amp. The relay boards typically use screw terminals to attach the larger wires needed for the external device. Just driving the coil of a large relay requires most of the additional current that can be supplied to mbed via the USB cable, so an external DC power supply will likely be needed to power the relay coils and the load of the external device. For...

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