transformer circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A static device that couples two circuits for the purpose of transferring alternating current (AC) from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction. The current remains at the same frequency, but may change in voltage, phase, or impedance values. A transformer comprises two or more wire coils, or windings, but no moving parts. The voltage in

transformer circuit
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duced in a coil on a transformer is proportional to the number of turns around the core. See also AC, frequency, impedance, inductance, phase, and voltage. A device that is mostly used to change the voltage in an alternating current (AC); however, it can also be used to maintain the same voltage but act as an electrical isolator. The most common type is the laminated core transformer found in power supplies. Made of steel laminations wrapped with two coils of wire, the ratio of windings between the "primary" input coil and the "secondary" output coil determines the voltage change. For example, if the primary has 1, 000 windings and the secondary 100, an input of 120 volts is changed to 12v. Via ElectroMagnetic Induction There are numerous transformer architectures, and they span the size gamut. Small ones are used in the myriad black boxes that plug into the wall and create low DC voltage for every electronic gadget, while transformers weighing tons are used to transmit 50, 000 volts of AC over the nation`s power grid. However, they all work via electromagnetic induction. The changing current in the primary coil induces a voltage across the secondary coil. Switching Power Supplies The greater the current needed to power the device, the thicker the wire in the coils and the larger the transformer. However, if a high frequency is used, the number of windings can be reduced to make the transformer small. To accomplish this,...

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