uart interfacing with tms320c5505 tyro

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The TMS320C5505 EVALUATION BOARD is specially desgined for developers in dsp field as well as beginners. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the DSP will be easily used by the everyone. UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) are one of the basic interfaces which provide a cost effective simple and reliable

uart interfacing with tms320c5505 tyro
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communication between one controller to another controller or between a controller and PC. Usually all the digital ICs work on TTL or CMOS voltage levels which cannot be used to communicate over RS-232 protocol. So a voltage or level converter is needed which can convert TTL to RS232 and RS232 to TTL voltage levels. The most commonly used RS-232 level converter is MAX232. This IC includes charge pump which can generate RS232 voltage levels (-10V and +10V) from 5V power supply. It also includes two receiver and two transmitters and is capable of full-duplex UART/USART communication. RS-232 communication enables point-to-point data transfer. It is commonly used in data acquisition applications, for the transfer of data between the microcontroller and a PC. Fig. 1 shows how to interface the UART to microcontroller. To communicate over SCI, UART or USART, we just need three basic signals which are namely, RXD (receive), TXD (transmit), GND (common ground). So to interface UART with TMS320F2812 we just need the basic signals. We now want to display a text in PC from C5505 Evaluation Board by using SCI module. In C5505 Evaluation Board contains TMS320C5505 Processor, it has two serial interfaces that are SCI A & SCI B. Here we are using SCI A. The Transmitter pins send the data into PC.

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