valve radio circuits schematics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Build a library of circuits and service data for old valve and transistor radios. There are many available on the internet, but at a price. I would rather share my circuits and manuals with others than try to make money out of them. Thanks to all those who have contributed by sending in manuals. Please, keep them coming. Mullard form

valve radio circuits schematics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ed a partnership with Philips in 1927. Philips continued to use the brand name `Mullard` until 1988. This is why you might find that a Philips manual only lists the Mullard radio, or vice versa. Mullard and Philips weren`t the only ones to confuse things. If you download a manual for an HMV radio, for example, and you get a Marconi manual, it`s probably the one you`re looking for. You will also find, for example, that the listing for an Ekco A144 radio brings up the manual for the Ekco A104 and U109. In this case, the chassis are similar or identical. Do look through the manual before discarding it as incorrect.

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