Computer AC power source monitoring circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit principle: computers AC power load is large, the use of the current transformer current sensing. It can be used to detect whether a current power line, determine its st

Computer AC power source monitoring circuit
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atus. Schmitt is LM393 comparator circuit (A), after the power is turned on, set the alarm time interval by IC1 completed. When the input time (A, B, C, D) ended input binary code, 1C1 time interval can be set. B, D is set to the high level, A, and C is set to a low level. 1C1 input power frequency 1/2 division. If the power frequency is 50Hz, after about 87min, when power frequency is 60H, after about 73min, the output of the decoder (DECODE () UT) output high, VT1 conduction, HA buzzer sound, the sound of time from RI-I, CH decision.

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