BA6104 Five-digit LED level meter driver IC Basic Application Circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BA6104 Five-digit LED level meter driver IC basic application circuit BA6104 Since the input stage that uses a PNP transistor base composite input, so the input impedance is hi

BA6104 Five-digit LED level meter driver IC Basic Application Circuit
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gh. The output stage emitter follower form, adjust the figure LED external resistor RL, can change the LED drive current. A 7-pin external resistor can change Vref, when the 7 foot open, the reference voltage Vref by the IC internal controls, and its value is approximately 1V. If the requirements LED display when the level is below 1V, just a resistor of indirect RD 7 feet of the ground, you can reduce Vref, as shown in; if the level is higher than required to display 1V, only 7 feet in the power supply Vcc indirect a resistance R, the Vref will rise to their relationship as: Vref [Vcc + 0.75R (k )]]/[0.75R (k ) +1].

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