Comes with rechargeable lead-acid battery LED emergency light circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

According to kind of draw the circuit diagram shown in Figure 5, 220V AC power after the capacitor buck diode rectifier to lead-acid battery charging, the red LED for charging

Comes with rechargeable lead-acid battery LED emergency light circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

instructions. Close button switch K charged after use, first turn on three color flashing LED, issued fantastic vagaries of colorful light at night added some of the pleasures of life, and click the switch K is closed color flashing LED, then then only turned 24 in parallel with bright LED, due to the relatively large number of very good lighting effects. When the lead-acid battery voltage of 4V, lantern measured operating current of about 60mA, bright LED currents as high as 600 mA. Such a large current lighting not only makes each time not too long when fully charged, and the internal structure of the battery will damage and shorten life, it is necessary to highlight the LED string into a small value current limiting resistor, after repeated selected test circuit diagram omitted 1.2 eventually reduced operating current 320mA, and the brightness change is not obvious, because the modifications are minor lights which, after the transformation. Through the above analysis found that the market for sale a variety of LED lamp circuit mostly too simple, although the price is very cheap, but the objective will result in waste of energy, and only after some reasonable improvements to retain the advantages of both its economic and portable, and effectively improve the safety and reliability.

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