Disco light effect with PIC16F84A

Posted on Aug 15, 2012

This is an early picture of my discolight effect. Because of the AGC circuit theres no need for potentionmeters for sensitivity adjust. I replaced them with trimmers. Now the microphone is on the control electronics because theres no need to place it outside the box and the possible noises from the surroundings are reduced.

Disco light effect with PIC16F84A
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

You have to choose the distance between Lens-Lamp-Parabola to get sharp beams. Its all about optics.That little ?wall?(hindrance) before the Lamp doesnt let the white light to pass through the Lens. External circuit converts bass beat of music into pulses.The motor is controlled by them. If theres bass beat recognised then the motor rotates one direction(in full stepping) for a predefined time then stops. If the second beat comes in then it rotates again for the same time and so on.There is a random number generator (from 1 to 4) written into the code which tells how many times have the motor to rotate one direction.After that the PIC changes rotation direction of the motor.If the tempo is too fast (<400msec) then the direction is changed immediately. When the motor stops after the predefined time period a counter is enabled.if beat doesnt come in for 15sec the motor starts to rotate slowly in half stepping.If a beat comes in the counter is disabled and the motor continues its normal rotation in full stepping. (Half stepping is smoother but unfortunately the torque is less) The PIC can control the motor after every beat or its possible to bypass some beats.It can be done by pushbuttons. Rotation speed and rotation lenght can be adjusted too.Settings are limited between values to prevent possible register overflow-underflow. These values are saved in EEPROM so after shut-down the settings dont lost. A beat consist of...

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