Digital delay circuit lamp circuit 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A 2-input NAND gate integrated circuit fabrication of digital delay lamp circuit, VD3, vs, after Composed of simple capacitive voltage rectifier buck crossing the half line, th

Digital delay circuit lamp circuit 2
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e circuit is energized, C. A terminal is output ipv about the stability of the entire controller DC voltage power supply. Figure, the door I the door O feet and the feet of are usually island level 1, so that both open state, while the other gate II input That is due to the end of foot in steady state C: it has charged the wires, so it is high level 1 so the door. II output terminal pin low level state, the diode VT end, the relay K little trick. E lamp does not light when pressed SB, by R. power to (j g of electricity, so that the door I input feet from the original low-to-high level 1 state, the output goes low O state, diode VDI conduction, such as on the adoption of VDI discharge. therefore, another rjU the one input terminal feet becomes a low level. state, the output terminal pin goes high l state, high hills l level NIE Yi Rt make wr conduction, the relay K is energized, its power make contact k1 is closed, the lamp is powered hair E dagger when released SB, f1 T and the output goes high l, VD1 off, f. but also by R. charging about after 40s time (depends on R, and (1, wide electrical time constant), f. F level rose to a certain value, the door lose meaning. low., VT end, K release, lamp E goes out. door 1, f] [I can CD1011 digital integrated circuits inside two intact and two NAND gates brother does not use NAND gates should the grounding of all its input side, to eliminate possible interference caused .c. requires the use of CBB, lOOV polypropylene capacitors and other type K with JZC-22F, DC12V power in a small electromagnetic relay.

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