PC Spectrum Analyzer

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

The spectrum analyzer circuit takes a stereo input and displays a volume by frequency display on a standard PC monitor. Finding the amplitude of a waveform at each frequency and then mapping this to the screen using a discrete number of levels achieve this. To complete this process, four stages are needed. The first stage is the loopback circuit which routes the serial input to the serial output. This serial input can also be extracted from the circuit for our own uses. The second stage takes the inputs from the loopback circuit and finds the amplitude and frequency of the waveforms. The third stage writes the volume levels into the RAM according to frequency. The fourth stage reads these volume levels and displays them onto the screen.

The MinMax circuit takes each twenty bits of data. As soon as it reads the data value, it will do a twos complement comparison with the previous data value read. When the current data is greater than the previous value, the state in the control

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