5-channel low-power interface circuit programmable sensor signal processor AD7714 and MCS-51 series microcontroller

3-wire interface to the AD7714 can be equipped with a variety of microcontrollers (including microcontroller or microprocessor). 3-wire serial interface is particularly suitabl

e for the isolation system, allows the system used in the optical coupler in an amount of at least. AD7714 and 80C51 (or 87C51,89C51 etc.) microcontroller interface circuit shown in FIG. Minimum opening line 80C51 used only two (P3.0, P3.1). At this time, by the monitoring configuration register non DRDY bit to determine when the Data Register is updated. 80C51 in mode 0 mode due to its serial interface contains a single data line, so the DOUT and DIN end of the AD7714 should be short-circuited. When transferring data 80C51 serial clock terminal is set to the high level. POL-side fixed contact AD7714 high.

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