Air conditioner microcomputer control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works as follows: Computer logo conditioned clamor control circuit shown in Figure 1-58, the main chip AT89C52 microcontroller with Levin. Switched power source when, 2

Air conditioner microcomputer control circuit
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4C02 microcontroller first reads from the last saved setpoint temperature extravagant irresolute Rang Winds running state data, then shame relaxation in standby mode. Press a ON/OFF button SB.. Lan began to run empty, the fan-shaped Zhu noted last dice Organisation of operation J thermistor RTl detect indoor temperature, the conversion process after ryD displayed on the digital value of the current actual temperature stag} beans illustrating the range of -20- - + 40C, when the temperature is below the set value when, P3.5 output low, the compressor is not running, when the temperature is higher than the set value and P2.5 pin is low, P3.5 output high level, K4 ai station, compressor work. ICZ, VD1, G, compression set sail constitute protected electrical gizzard, when the compressor is working, since P.5 is high level, the voltage through IC2, VD1 resistant G charged and the P2.5 is high, when the compression when the machine stops, P3,5 is low, then cl of product discharge, P2.5 period of time (about 3min) still remains high almost, in this process, the compressor will not start again, so avoided by the instantaneous power, protection, and the use of improper operation and other temperature fluctuations in the environment cause the compressor frequent start and harm. During operation, the microcontroller is also constantly monitored by RP1 power supply voltage level. If less than 190V or higher than 270V, stop air conditioner is working o germanium and displays error message E01, continue to work when the voltage is normal. I installed in the boat where a transcript of the lower portion of the orbital evaporator evaporator 2tn/0! And glass when a refrigerant leak, blockage failure. The lower part of the evaporator will be more severe frost, when the thickness of the frost cool to 2 mtn., When tRT2 exposure to frost and thus feel a lower temperature, the microcontroller detects this information, cause the air conditioner stops working and displays an error message E02 stretch, prompting the user for maintenance .SBlr wind speed Setup button and in the operation of the continuous press SB1, Ki, K2, K3 in turn closes respectively connected fan of low, medium, high-speed winding, according to the fan corresponding speeds .SBZ and SB3 temperature setting key, press the SB2 is running or SB3, digital display of temperature change to the display by the temperature setting value, then press under S touch. G given temperature increase of 1, click SB3, reduce. 1, set the range 1S ~ 30 : the stop button lOs after - and converted into digital display the current temperature values need to shut down when deer; click SB4 microcontroller to the current temperature. setpoint and fan operation data stored IC9 save, and then stops.

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