450 800Hz signal generator circuit diagram

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

450/800Hz oscillation circuit shown in FIG oscillator is a transformer coupling. The frequency conversion is made different inductance is achieved by changing the oscillation t

450 800Hz signal generator circuit diagram
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ank variable filter tap Tl. Pull the switch control signal S to 1 block, l-2 oscillator circuit C4 and Tl end and then a frequency of 800Hz, by VT2 emitter output to RP potentiometer adjustable arm output. By adjusting potentiometer RP can change the 800Hz output size. Oscillation circuit resistor R4 for adjusting 800Hz oscillation amplitude. S to pull the 2 block, C 1-3 and T1 phase, the oscillation frequency is 450Hz. T1 threaded adjustment lever to adjust trimming oscillation frequency.

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