4-wire resistive touch screen interface circuit with ADS7846

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

4-wire resistive touch screen. ADS7846 interface circuit. ADS7846 analog chip contains electronic switches and successive approximation A / D converter. Switched by the analog switch chip, the X + (or Y +) positive supply termination ( ), x- (or Yr) grounded

4-wire resistive touch screen interface circuit with ADS7846
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(CND), the Y + (or X +) terminal and Y- (or X- ) terminal to the difference in the form of movable receiving a / D converter input. Pen contacts the touch screen at different locations, by Y + (or X +) terminal input to the on-chip A / D converter different voltage values within the input voltage through the chip A / D conversion after the stroke to give Y points (or x) output value, and the output value of the stroke position is approximately linear. Therefore, ADS7846 output value of X and Y (ie coordinates) will be able to describe the strokes on the touch screen point of location.

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