Data acquisition system circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Converters and data sampling: Figure 27-47 12-bit A/D converter AD574 and 8031 to the interface circuit. Parameters measured by the multi- way switch after CD4051 strobe to sam

Data acquisition system circuit
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ple/hold input device. Road in the end which is selected by the multiplexer selection control terminal c, B, A and 1 ban Ji Lin keep control terminal INH. Sample/hold working status by the/VD converter conversion end flag STS state control. When the A/D conversion in progress, STS output is high, the inverted, goes low, to the S/H control logic sealed tapered end (Logic), so that S/H is on hold, this when to start A /: D converter. Digital converted by 8031 to a data bus twice read CPU registers register. After the conversion, STS from high to low, after inverting goes high, thus the S/H into the sample state. 3) Keyboard/Display Interface Circuit: In order to allow the operator to be able to keep abreast of changes in the temperature of each furnace, designed four LED display monitor. Let the display buffer unit as 28H and 29H, first, I first bit indicates the channel number: 2 to 4 exhibition to display the temperature up to 999. According to the needs of the system. The method is designed to display in two ways: A Automatic cycle, at the invitation of ways, the computer can automatically sampled 1-8 annealing temperature number do not ask to turn off the display; B point show that the operator can any view at any time for a one annealing temperature, and the two display modes can be arbitrarily switched.

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