Full complementary symmetry amplifier CL

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CL type neither is a power amplifier output capacitance and feedback capacitance nor compensation capacitor amplifier circuit, all-electric road only by the transistor (or FET)

Full complementary symmetry amplifier CL
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and resistor. Circuit capable of generating feedback, phase shift elements are removed. From theory, this amplifier is capable of everything, without discrimination, the frequency of the input signal amplification. That is the input signal amplification in addition to outside, without any form of change. Figure 2-38 is a composed of a transistor, FET and resistor composed of a full complement of CL dual differential input amplifier circuit path. Full complementary differential circuit by the transistor VTi ~ VT4 composition and constant FET VPi, VP2 were composed of the source, it constitutes the input stage of the circuit. FET constant current source because of its simple structure, without bias, temperature stability and higher dynamic resistance characteristics, closer to the ideal constant current source. Using differential voltage amplifier stage balanced amplifier circuit, which consists of VTs ~ VTio composition, as the volume level of the differential circuit and dual differential input stage circuit can achieve a good match, so the best circuit in the input stage differential double-ended output state, It can greatly improve the common mode rejection ratio, and reduce the input stage of this two-stage distortion o while the differential circuit will produce a strong dc negative feedback, so that the DC operating point of the whole circuit is very stable at all levels, which is to get pretty the basic sound bar member. Balanced amplification principle is: When the positive half cycle of the signal when, VT6 and lower input is equivalent to a constant current source load, so VT8 voltage gain higher than the resistance load twelve o When the signal magnitude of the negative half cycle, VT8 and lower input is equivalent to a constant current source load, the voltage gain is increased so VT6 twelve orders of magnitude. This high gain circuit loss really small, making the output power tubes to give greater impetus.

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