Gentleman AM50 amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The unique circuit design, technology and reasonable structure, all-discrete components, Class A FET output. As shown in Figure 2-31 below. Full circuit consists of an input stage, an output stage and power level to promote and Gm volume control circuit.

Gentleman AM50 amplifier circuit
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FET input stage by a twin tube K389, consisting of 09 children symmetry complementary double differential circuits and transistors with common source emitting circuit altogether. After a two-stage push-pull amplification after symmetrical complementary input voltage amplification stage. RP3 can adjust the output tube VTs, VT6 working in state o Group A voltage amplifier stage and the input stage uses the same circuit configuration, but its output stage uses a pair of FET 2SK214 and 2SJ77 projections 7] regulating arsenic can be output tube VT32, VT33 quiescent current adjusted CPI working state. The third part is the power output stage, which includes the output bias circuit and two pairs of parallel complementary push-pull output FET channel. And to promote inter-stage amplifier output stage using capacitive coupling, coupling capacitors Promise of capacitors polypropylene (lw (P capacitance). The coupling capacitance guarantees high quality pure o sound input level, output level and power level to promote at all levels, respectively a separate power supply to ensure that the work independently of each other between levels. input level and promote the use of higher-level supply voltage, to ensure its large dynamic and high efficiency. the output stage voltage amplifier stage and does not have a large negative feedback loop can reduce transient distortion circuit, to improve the sound quality of a given effect. the input stage set up large negative feedback loop (RP4, R23) is used to control the volume of the amplifier, called cross- guide (Gm) control technology it is the usual negative feedback Tuen Mun Road except that, using an adjustable potentiometer and the potentiometer slide arm ground. we know that there are two conventional volume adjustment methods, one is the input of the amplifier plus end-to-ground potential, by the partial pressure of the ground to control the input signal voltage slide arm (flat) to achieve volume adjustment. another point is the use of an external DC potential level of resistance by changing the circuit to control the volume output ., the DC volume control clearly, the former regulated process will cause changes in the input impedance of the circuit can not work in the steady state optimum input, and a sliding noise will be amplified; the latter, although no above drawbacks, but required lc to achieve its cost, performance are to be considered while control technique has the advantage of both the above that fall.

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