Low frequency oscillation circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Gate F4, F5, F6 together form a low frequency oscillator, driving high brightness light-emitting diode flashes,

Low frequency oscillation circuit
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light emitting diodes may be arranged around the booth seat, play a decorative role. (4) use of goods automatic referral Shao machine prior to use pre-recorded, recording K2i then press and hold the speaker will issue a "beep" beep tone, then toward the microphone for recording. The voice recording product presentation prepared after completion of release S2, the speaker will then issue a "beep" is heard, indicating the end of recording, if the recording time exceeds the time allowed by the chip, when the sheet reaches Cang allow time will be issued a "tick, tick "beep twice forced to end recording. S1 is the stop button, the machine language product description describes the sound as long as the answer it when you can stop Sl voice introduction.

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