Latch Switch

Posted on Jan 18, 2013

In this circuit a non-locking push switch is used to activate a load. The load remains switched on until power is removed from the circuit. The load is represented by R5 and D1, but could be a lamp, a relay or another circuit. S2 breaks power to the circuit but could be omitted altogether. If S2 is left out, then reset would be by disconnecting the power; this would mean unplugging the battery if battery powered or disconnecting from the electrical outlet.

Latch Switch
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

When first plugged in (or S2 is operated) C1 charges via the base emitter junction of Q1 and hence a brief positive pulse is applied. Q1 will switch on and be saturated, its collector emitter voltage being close to zero volts. Q2 is therefore off, and the

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