DC-to-DC AC inverter

Posted on Dec 8, 2012

This inverter uses no special components such as the torodial transformer used in many inverters. Cost is kept low with the use of cheap, readily available components. Essentially, it is a power amplifier driven by an asta-ble multivibrator. The frequency is around 1200 Hz which most 50/60 Hz power transformers handle well without too much loss. Increasing the value of capacitors Cl and C2 will lower the frequency if any trouble is experienced

DC-to-DC AC inverter
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However, rectifier filtering capacitors required are considerably smaller at the higher operating frequency. The two 2N3055 transistor should be mounted on an adequately sized heatsink. The transformer should be rated ac-cordingto the amount of output power required allowing for conversion efficiency of approximately 60%.

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please help us with the write up   Nov 11, 2017

please help us with the write up

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