Linear power supply circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

By the regulator circuit output voltage of the potentiometer Rp, and has a linear regulation characteristics. Figure (b) shows the output

Linear power supply circuit
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voltage Ua deviation with the load current Ia (0-70mA) a curve of FIG. (C) for the same input voltage Ue of the curve. Main technical data: Input voltage: Ue = 11 ~ 20V Output voltage: Ua = 8 ~ 18V Maximum output current: Ia = 70mA Voltage Regulation (Ue = 1V, Ue = 15V, Ua = 10V, Ia = 40mA); Load regulation (Ia = 0 ~ 60mA, Ue = 15V, Ua = 10V); Dynamic resistance: R1 = 60m Euro Temperature coefficient of the output voltage: 3 ~ 5X10-5 V / K

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