FM radio circuit by the FET composed

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FM radio circuit is shown by a double-gate MOS field-effect transistor, the high frequency amplifier is a bipolar MOS field effect transistor amplifier consisting of (VTI, VT2)

FM radio circuit by the FET composed
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. VT3 for the mixer. The local oscillator is constituted by the VT4, VT3 high frequency signal is applied to the first gate. A high-frequency signal by the LC circuit tuned to the selected frequency after the gate VT1, is amplified by the RF coil is coupled to the second stage high-frequency discharge large, in the second high-frequency amplification stage input terminal and a LC resonant frequency selection circuit. After this two-stage high frequency amplification and frequency selection circuit, and then sent to the first gate of the mixing stage VT3. VT4 generating a local oscillator signal after amplification is applied to the mixer stage VT5 field effect transistor VT3 on the second gate. IF signal formed after mixing (10.7 MHz) from the intermediate frequency transformer (L4) after the election frequency output.

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