xilinx Documenting Digital Design Schematics and Figures

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Small digital design using a Xilinx picoblaze softcore processor, and I`m finding that producing schematics of acceptable quality to be frustrating and time consuming. I`ve attempted to shoehorn previously drawn schematics (From LTSpice, or Eagle) into documentation, but the results look fuzzy or terrible. I`ve been using LibreOff

xilinx Documenting Digital Design Schematics and Figures
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ice Draw, with subpar results - because the drawings do not contain any information about connections, having to propagate a small change through all items is really frustrating. For example, if I want to add a port onto a part, but that part appears multiple times in my schematic, I have to add them to every instance by hand. Similarly, when deciding the format of my wires and bus lines, perhaps I`d like the wires to `jump` when not connected to another line What if I`d like to add a bubble to indicate connections instead These items must all be added by hand, which is ridiculous. I`m sure something like this could be done with LaTeX, but I`d like the feedback of being able to look at my drawing as it is being built, and I need to convince other people who are working on this project to use similar tools, and not many people are willing to undergo the learning curve of LaTeX just for this purpose. I`ve tried Inkscape and Dia and found them to be lacking, I`ve used LTSpice, but that`s for SPICE and not digital schematics, and the diagrams are not very appealing anyway - a similar argument for EAGLE schematics. Is there a better way, something that I`m missing or not considering I`ve just begun examining Electric VLSI - it seems to be a much better fit, but still rough around the edges.

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