Making a LM4766 dual 40W amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

NS LM4766 US company launched a two-channel power amplifier integrated circuits, each channel on 8 load can output 40W average power, and distortion is less than 0.1%, in National Semiconductor's product range,

Making a LM4766 dual 40W amplifier circuit
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LM4766 is classified "Overture (overture)" series, are among the most high-end single-chip dual-channel audio power amplifier manifold. LM4766 indicators are very attractive, good signal to noise ratio and distortion power integrated circuits which are very good, LM4766 can do in the human ear can hear the band, with only 0.06% in the case of distortion and 30W power output noise value, power design capability manifold national semiconductor is evident. We have reason to believe that if with excellent circuit design, LM4766 can play the effect may not be used only if "reach HI-FI" will be able to comment. Of course, it does not mean that whenever using LM4766 power blocks, we will be able to achieve HI-FI effect! Amplifier design is a systematic project, some so-so casually lap, naturally will not get any good performance. The internal manifold also has a perfect protection measures: (output 165 automatically shut down, automatically return to work at 155 ) overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over-temperature, and its patent - SPIKE peak protection safe operating area (guarantee integrated amplifier final stage of the pipe work safe operating area of the characteristic curve and other functions). It can be said, using the LM4766 power amplifier design success, can often achieve considerable safety performance. In addition, two channels inside the LM4766 has a separate mute circuit and leads by two pins. Its role is to close the LM4766's input, the internal amplifier has no output signal, after which the two pins connected in a certain way, to eliminate the impact of the boot process. From DATASHEET we can see, the power supply voltage reaches the LM4766 + -30V, and there is sufficient signal stimulus, then, LM4766 40W output power push speaker unit, this power has been able to put most of the multimedia speaker push instill obedience. What's more, I usually listen to music when probably will 1,2W power sufficient rang. Based on past experience, LM4766 power although not great, but the thrust was strong, sound thick, rich, soft Naiting grace, using it to promote small and medium sized speakers, can effectively avoid the small speakers sound prone to thin, fragile and other issues, tube-like machine can even enjoy the sound.

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