Wireless microphone circuit diagram consisting of transistors 9018

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FM radio transmission frequency band design, it can be used with any FM radio receiver to the high-frequency signal and restores the high frequency signal from the audio signal

Wireless microphone circuit diagram consisting of transistors 9018
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

, thereby completing a variety of purposes. Wireless microphone uses: 1, the wireless microphone: User singing, free to rotate 360 degrees and move, there will be no wires or stumbling while speaking performances, Che Houtui. 2, radio: teacher lectures broadcast live, countless students can receive a radio call lectures, greatly increased the number of lectures. 3, selling radio control: when to sell goods on the street, selling wireless microphone with a certain novelty, will receive more than ordinary microphone good advertising effect. 4 Wireless *: a good concealment and security, with headphones to listen to the radio in the distance, and do not worry about embarrassing scene meet. 5, wireless alarm: unattended certain distance. For example, on the second floor * door on the first floor of the sound effects from the anti-theft alarm. 6, wireless electronic doorbell: Because radio propagation may sound, it can also be spread wireless doorbell sounds, pairing can also be converted into walkie-talkies. 7, wireless electronic musical instruments: the harmonica, erhu, guitar and other instruments sound with radio receiver or amplifier with expanded broadcast can better enjoy music. 8, an electronic hearing aid: by adjusting the volume of the radio or microphone, and then into the headset will sound amplification, can effectively improve the elderly hearing. 9, small voice lights: the output of the power amplifier connected to a speaker change wattage equivalent 6V, 12V car light bulb, adjust the volume together made position. 10, reading memory enhancer: hearing aids and similar to the microphone at yourself, listen to your own voice reading to exclude outside interference, from the focus effect. 11, small radio stations: for schools, factories and other units organized various programs on their own, you can play music, news, notifications, etc., used to listen to the radio. 12, television sound transponders: listening with the headphones while watching TV may not affect others sleep, but by the length control headphone cable. This means you can not have this limitation.

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