1-Wire Two-way level converter unit (from 1.8V to 5V) Reference design

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The designer requires 1 Wire host computer IO framework of adopting the drain and opening a way, work in 1. 8V. Majority 1 Wire is unable to work in 1. 8V from the device. Note of this application has recommended realizing 1. 8V 1 Wire host computer and 5V 1 Wire reference design RD from level switch between the devices. This is cons

1-Wire Two-way level converter unit (from 1.8V to 5V) Reference design
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ulted and is designed to drive typical 1 Wire from the device, make use of MAX3394E level converter unit to realize level switch. FPGA, microprocessor, DS2482-100 and DS2480B are 1 common Wire host computer device. 1-Wire/iButton Produced from the device by Maxim, the typical working voltage of this serial devices is from 2. 8V to 5. 25V. In the past, 1 traditional Wire host computer and from the logic of adopting 5V drain to open a way of the device. Now, the designer needs 1 Wire host computer IO to offer the logic of opening a way of drain of 1. 8V. And the majority 1 Wire can work from the device in 5V Safety Ground, the overwhelming majority in them is unable to work in 1. 8V. Need a two-way level converter unit to overcome this kind of restriction. This reference design RD Adopt Maxim MAX3394E two-way level converter unit, use for solve the problem that in this kind of application. MAX3394E two-way level converter unit adopts 8 pins, 3mm x 3mm TDFN to capsulate. Rely on its reinforced circuit of internal pendulum rate, but is used in great condensive load to drive ideally. 1 Wire is usually greater than 500pF from the condensive load of the device. VCC I/O pin of MAX3394E has 15kV HBM Human Body Model Electrostatic protection, offer protection for 1 Wire host computer. 1 Wire bus line is usually used for connecting the external world, it is a basic demand that HBM protects. Recommend pulling upward the resistance R3,...

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