2004 F250 Truck Cap Rear Wiper

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A rear wiper/washer similar what every SUV on the road has. this kit has the motor mounting through the glass, which the end users cannot do since the glass is tempered. The truck cap manufacturers can have the glass drilled appropriately, before tempering. This company does offer another kit that has the motor mounted to the wide metal section, at the bottom of the glass. This is a decent solution except

2004 F250 Truck Cap Rear Wiper
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having the motor mounted at the bottom of the glass is somewhat undesirable, at least to me. So, since my particular truck cap has a lot of space above the glass, I decided to try to retrofit a rear wiper/washer system from of a 1991-1994 Ford Explorer. I chose this setup, mainly, because I own a 1994 Explorer which allowed me to get good measurements of the wiper arm, swipe area, etc so I was fairly confident that I could make it fit and work. I also chose this setup because it is designed to wipe glass of which it is not mounted to. This means that it has a "park" feature that can stow the blade off of the glass when not in use. Also, the Explorer setup is very simple to wire as it only needs two powers and a ground, since the solid state controller (for parking) is internal to the motor. Finally, a very minor thing, but the early Explorers have the wiper/washer switch on the dash (as opposed to the turn signal stalk) so adding it to a different dash is much easier and gives a very clean look. I thought I`d give a quick update since its been about four months since I installed this wiper setup. This thing has worked out great! Everything is holding up really well and it seems like I use it on a daily basis. We just recently got our first decent snow of the season and I snapped a couple pics that are at the bottom of this page. Also, I found while driving in the rain that it would be nice to have this wiper operate on an...

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