4017 gate sequencer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The cool thing about the 4017 is that you can add other 4017s and make the sequence longer (of course with more discrete parts): I saw the schematic youG ‚¬ re talking about. Oddly, this was one of the only 4017 cascading schematics I could find. I found that it was REALLY temperamental and more of a headache than it was worth at the time. Fir

4017 gate sequencer
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st off I had to change some of the resistor values before it even worked. Then it was only looping ONE 4017 sequence at 12 volts. At 5 volts it worked better, but would skip some steps. It was probably an error on my end, but I bread boarded it twice and it acted the same both times. My original thought was that I would combine 2 4017s together to make a 16 step sequence. That way I could get 8 distinct output pulses. If youG ‚¬ ve tried making a gate sequencer with the 4017 you probably know that you need to use every other step as an G ‚¬ OFFG ‚¬  step. So in an 8 step sequence, you only get 4 G ‚¬ ONG ‚¬  pulses. Anyway, as I mentioned, the circuit you mentioned above was acting real bonkersG ‚¬ so I investigated some other options, hence the AND gate output stage. it wight work to use a 555 as PWM. i have never done this myself. but it has a trigger input, and it can do PWM. so this might be a solution. although im totally unsure about it. look here hey, i don`t know anything about those AND gates, but i do know that if you use pin 7 to ground your 4017 ²s leds instead of the main ground you can get 10 relay trigger signals. Thats how ive done it in the past. I guess you don`t get the gate time control but the schematic is quite a bit easier. hey, i`ve been planning to build a sequencer for a while, and i think i`ve cracked the dual 4017 nut, allowing for 16 steps. I thought i`d post a rough outline as i`ve gotten...

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