Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Why would you want to use the Arduino library with another IDE It helps organize your code (especially for large projects), is easier to implement other code not written specifically for Arduino and can be a gateway to more powerful programming tools and techniques. There are many tutorials out there so this overview provides a overview with links already

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existing documentation. It then goes into detail documenting the steps to get the arduino library running with codeBlocks. The ATMEL microcontroller is a solid state device that performs tasks based on a set of INSTRUCTIONS. The basis of these instructions are a series of physical logic circuits built into the chip. Each of these circuits produces a known output when triggered, changing state by either storing a charge or dissipating one. For instance there are circuits that store numbers as a series of 1`s (stored charge) and 0`s (dissipated charge) these stored values can be combined to get a new number (addition or subtraction) according to how the physical gates in the microcontroller react to changes in voltage. These physical operations when grouped together to perform a specific logical task are called an INSTRUCTION. These instructions are documented for each microcontroller, Atmel`s instruction set can be found here: Each one of these circuits behaviors (instructions) can be set with a series of stored binary "numbers" in the microcontroller, in essence creating what is the program. A program is then just a series of instructions which execute one after another from memory. This is where human readable code and the programing tools come in, they provide a method for the user to describe a instruction pattern for the physical hardware, in human readable form. It is the link between the physical of voltage patterns...

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