Adding Hazard Indicators Triumph Rat Motorcycle

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

For a while I have wanted to add a facility for hazard flashers to my Bonneville SE. I have read a couple of threads on this forum about the subject but not found anything which works like hazards should. I have therefore devised my own add-on system, which although is more involved to do compared to those on other threads, is a proper full hazard

Adding Hazard Indicators Triumph Rat Motorcycle
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system and like the others can be applied to any vehicle. The hazards will work with the ignition off. Some people may not like the idea of this too much, but I for one wouldn`t like to be stranded in an awkward situation, in heavy traffic, where I had to leave the bike to fetch help with the keys in it. My car`s hazard flashers work without the keys in and so should those on my bike. However, if you are not comfortable doing this you can always wire the hazard switch to a switched supply (more on this later). The hazard switch supplies power to a SPCO (single pole change over) relay, energising it and switching in the diodes, and at the same time switching out the turn signal switch and supplying power to the flasher unit. The relay is from Maplin Electronics and cost £2. 29, order code N00AW. The diodes need to be heavy enough to handle the current drawn by all 4 indicators (21Wx4+2. 6W = 86. 6W. 86. 6W/12V = 7. 2A). P600A diodes rated at 6A are more than adequate since each diode in the pair feeds 2 lamps and collectively will handle 12A. I used 4 x P600A diodes for the relays and 2 x 1N4007 diodes to modify the idiot light. For clarity the modification to the idiot light is not shown (except on the schematic diagram). This is discussed in another thread: The diode D1 in the diagram has been spliced into the orange/green wire which comes from fuse 7 in the fuse box and goes originally to the flasher relay. This diode...

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