Brovin Kacher Tesla

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The `cold electricity` is actually RF frequency AC. When you have sinusoidal AC the voltage is half the time positive and half the time negative. On a scope you can see this, but on a voltmete

Brovin Kacher Tesla
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r the positive and negative parts cancel each other out. So the meter reads zero (because the meter can not respond fast enough to show the changing voltage). The current is also half of the time going one way and the other half going the other way which causes a DC amp meter to read zero since the needle can not go back and forth as fast as the current so it just stays put. This will also cause a compass held near wire to not be effected by the AC current since again the needle can not go back and forth as fast as the current changes. The wire around the battery is the secondary of a transformer with the primary being the current flow in the battery. Current is flowing out of the battery at RF frequency. Putting a capacitor across the battery will reduce this RF current flow in the battery. Note that in many circuits high voltage spikes are being fed back into the battery which can be capacitively coupled to a plate. As the frequency of the AC increases the current flows more and more along the surface of the conductor (including you). At RF frequencies the current is only hundredths of an inch deep and not as deep as the nerves in your skin. That is why you do not feel a shock from RF current. However, if the current is strong enough it will burn your skin (called RF burns). I like this circuit allot and i am planning to make the 555 part variable so i can change frequency. But the antenna is also very nice to get things...

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